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ART Projects

art-1e.jpgOrganization of exhibitions and events in London.

We making exhibitions in differents fields of culture: architectural and design, "old" and modern art.
In general, the activity is focused on the sale of goods or services, cause the gallery acts as a short-term trading platform.

The planning of exhibitions and events takes around half of the year and includes:

preparation of the plan,
further marketing research and
preparation of the disposition of the conduct.


Getting the most out depends on the right strategy.

We also collaboration with the most popular galleries of Florence, London and Moscow, its especially interesting for the development of international projects.
Price for request.


In progress:

  • The "Wave" The "Wave of contemporary art" is a long-term research program, which will present to the world a new system of creative relationships in art. The "Wave" was conceived as a developing new direction in art, idea drew details on the basis of the draft "Waves" model, refining facts: where wave is part of the endless "ocean" and  "drops" are artists, whose strength in harmony and constant cooperation.