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The "Wave"

volna.jpgThe "Wave of contemporary art" is a long-term research program, which will present to the world a new system of creative relationships in art.

The "Wave" was conceived as a developing new direction in art, idea drew details on the basis of the draft "Waves" model, refining facts: where wave is part of the endless "ocean" and  "drops" are artists, whose strength in harmony and constant cooperation.

This project includes an interactive installation, public and private discussions of specialists, an exhibition of talented artists.

All this together demonstrates the interrelationships within the artistic community - "common home for art", which will acquaint you with key characters, main events and phenomena of international art. The links of this network are artists, poets, musicians, art groups, significant exhibition projects and exposition areas, connected by professional and personal ties.

volna-logo.jpg"Wave" an actual artistic process, the purpose of which is fresh ideas and the unification of different cultures in art, the same time establish cooperation, friendship and relations of all people, inside and outside the project.

Our goal to open independent
space for Wave, where shows work by artists from all over the world.