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Real Estate

ned-2e.jpgWe provide a professional search of property in the UK for the client to view, also we detailed reports on the properties, including information about the probable costs involved, the area in which the property is situated, the surrounding environment, and other related issues.

We also negotiate the price and carry out the conveyancing procedure.

The whole package of services: individual search + reports + conveyancing + visa advise (if necessary) costs 2% of the property price but not less then £7,000
Residential conveyancing only is available for 0,5% of the property price.
Property search and selection only is available for 1,2% of the property price.

Concierge services in relation to property maintenance, renovation or tenancy are also available upon request and are priced individualy.

Please mind that all the above prices are subject for VAT 20%.

We act in your interests only and we know how to negotiate the price and to make the deal profitable for you.